Events — 11 Nov 2016

Void Space is a project that hovers at the interface between singing and visual arts. The result is a two-hour performance that will be presented in the (temporarily) empty lower-level gallery of the Stedelijk Museum.

regular admission to the museum
Lower-level Gallery
11 Nov, 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM
Main language
reservations not necessary

Void Space is a vocal installation – a continuous musical performance. For two hours, eighty seniors will use an empty part of the museum as sounding board and music box; there is no determined chronological beginning or end.

The empty space (void space) acts as a starting point for this performance. Stage manager Marcel Sijm and musical leader Niels Vermeulen have, together with the participants, explored some pressing subjects. What will happen when this large group convenes? Void Space acts as a contemporary oracle. At any given moment, the composition sounds as a conducted polyphony or a stream of whispered words. Anyone who listens closely might perceive a prophecy.

Furthermore, the participants have exercised influence in the development of the performance. This raises the question of ownership: whose voice do you hear and to whom does this voice belong?

Void Space is a collaboration between the Stedelijk Museum, the Dutch National Opera, and Foundation Zout. The concept originated from Marcel Sijm, artistic director of Foundation Zout. Opera singers Elena Vink and Alexander Oliver perform the solo parts and three Blikopeners (young peer educators) also take part in Void Space. 

*price includes entrance to the museum, entrance to the exhibition Jean Tinguely – Machine Spectacle and the performance.