Events — 21 Oct 2016

On October 21, the Friday Night at the Stedelijk Museum is dedicated to books with the first edition of the Stedelijk Book Club: Press! Print! Publish!

Entrance ticket Stedelijk Museum + € 3,- admission public program
Different places throughout the museum
21 Oct 2016, 5 pm until 8 pm
Main language
English and Dutch


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On October 21, 2016, the Stedelijk Friday Night will be dedicated to books during the first edition of Stedelijk Book Club: Press! Print! Publish! The book has proven to be a medium of everlasting relevance, and has remained a popular collectible despite the rise of digital media and the e-book. This is no different at the Stedelijk Museum, where the collection of artists' books is famous for special editions of artists such as Carl Andre, where the Publications department publishes new art books and exhibition catalogues both on- and offline, and the library is internationally known for its outstanding selection of publications in the field of modern and contemporary art and design. The Stedelijk Museum celebrates this annually by providing a platform to a selection of interesting authors and publishers to endorse the importance of independent publishers.

This first edition is dedicated to image, language and the relationship between these two forms of expression. How are images converted into words, and vice versa? Throughout the museum building, there will be presentations and lectures by writers and artists. Moreover, a special collaboration with students from the Image and Language department of the Rietveld Academy will take place. At the Teijin Auditorium the book Telcosystems Resonanz can be viewed and heard throughout the evening. The entrance hall accommodates an installation by the JongeHonden in which your thoughts are transformed into a letter through a brain scan.

Book sale

Of course, the museum library also takes part in this event: the annual book sale takes place at the library, where visitors can purchase numerous publications on contemporary art from home and abroad, both used and brand new.
Friday from 7 - 10 pm and Saturday from 10 am - 5 pm.

This event will be broadcast live by the online radio station JaJaJaNeeNeeNee. As a visitor of the Book Club, you can join this broadcasting session, you will find them next to the Teijin Auditorium. 


Alexandra Leykauf, Alexandra Leykauf, Roma Publications, 2016.

Carolyn F. Strauss (ed.) Slow Reader, Slow Research Lab, Valiz, 2016.

David Kiers, Gideon Kiers and Lucas van der Velden, Telcosystems Resonanz, Spatial Media Laboratories, 2015.

Merel Bem, Doorkijken, De Bezige Bij, 2016.

Gerrit Jan de Rook and Andrew Wilson (eds.), Michael Gibbs - All or nothing and other pages, Uniformbooks, preview.

Mohamed Bourouissa, Horseday, Roma Publications, 2016.


Beeld & Taal (Image and Language) students of de Rietveld Academie: Marianne van Aperen, Annabelle Binnerts, Wester Buijsman, Selin Kuscu, Annelotte Lammertse, Marlies Rijneveld, Salomé Roodenburg, Michelle de Vaan, Leendert Vooijce.

Michael Gibbs, Deuxième Poème Symboliste, film, 1979.

Mariana Lanari, Moving Thinking, 2015-2016.

Slow Research Lab, Slow Research Book, Valiz, 2016.

Sara van Woerden, Artistic Coloring Book, 2016.        


Marianne van Aperen
Join Marianne, let her read to you and get carried away by her stories.
Location: monumental staircase, old building
Time: continuous

Merel Bem, Doorkijken, De Bezige Bij, 2016
Some works of art you carry with you forever. They nest in your head and lurk there, waiting for the moment you need them. In Doorkijken art critic Merel Bem shows how useful and comforting art can be in everyday life. Apart from beauty, hope and the possibility of time travelling, artworks offer distraction while waiting for a traffic light, or first aid in raising children. They place childhood memories in a different light and give the most ordinary events a grand meaning. In this book art can leave the museum, to come with you to the hospital or on holiday. Art pops up where you least expect it, but is always present in the middle of everyday life.
Doorkijken | Uitgeverij De Bezige Bij B.V. | Dutch | 160 pages | ISBN 9789023499541
Presentation: Merel Bem
Location: Audi Gallery, 0.1
Time: 7.45 pm

Annabelle Binnerts
The term 'silence' is difficult to contain, let alone to capture in an image. Annabelle tries anyway: she represents and defines silence in the form of a performance that revolves around two definitions she established for the concept. The performance ends in room 0.6, which features only white artworks. For Annabelle, this room best approximates the notion of visual silence.
Location: Ground floor, old building, room 0.6
Time: once per hour

 Mohamed Bourouissa, Horseday, Roma Publications, 2016
French photographer Mohamed Bourouissa (1978, Blida, Algeria) is interested in systems, in how society and particularly subcultures are structured. In his work he explores the emergence of social processes. For his project Horseday (2013) he worked with a local Afro-American horse riding community in Philadelphia. Fascinated by these ‘urban cowboys’ and the status that the riders derive from their stables and horses, Bourouissa organized a ‘horse tuning event’ with artists and riders: a competition for the best-decorated horse. Bourouissa translated this event into a series of impressive photos, a video for two screens and several sculptures.
This artist book unfolds as a story with photos, sculptures and stills from Horseday, but Bourouissa also opens up his sketchbook, giving us a glimpse of his thought process.
Horseday | Roma Publications in cooperation with Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam | 30 pages | Text in Dutch, English and French | Concept and design: Roger Willems | ISBN 9789491843730
Presentation: Manique Hendricks
Location: Audi Gallery, 0.1
Time: 8.45 pm

Wester Buijsman
Wester writes pointless stories, without a beginning or end, and above all: without a message. His story can be heard in the elevator of the new building.
Location: glass elevator, new building
Time: continuous

Gerrit Jan de Rook and Andrew Wilson (eds.), Michael Gibbs - All or nothing and other pages, Uniformbooks, preview.
Gerrit Jan de Rook will give us a preview of the publication Michael Gibbs – All or nothing and other pages. Also, art historian Marga van Mechelen will give a lecture on the performances of Michael Gibbs, following the screening of his video work Deuxieme Poème Symboliste (1979). This marks the beginning of the manifestation MICHAEL GIBBS, LET IT KEEP SECRETS (October 21 - December 18, 2016).
Exhibitions, lectures and performances around the early work (1968-1985) of visual poet Michael Gibbs, in which he was active as a conceptual artist in experimental movements such as visual and sound poetry, performance art, photography and video art, mail art and artist books. With his publications Kontexts and Artzien Gibbs gave the international avant-garde in Amsterdam of the 1970s and 1980s an international platform that originated from underground culture. He thus made a significant contribution to innovative developments, which he later continued at the forefront of new media and internet art. His archive is a source of inspiration both to his contemporaries and to younger artists, who will engage in dialogue with the work at various locations in Amsterdam. In addition, an oeuvre publication will be launched that includes controversial essays and critiques by Gibbs.
Presentation: Marga van Mechelen and Gerrit Jan de Rook
Location: Lower Level
Time: 8.30 pm

David Kiers, Gideon Kiers and Lucas van der Velden, Telcosystems Resonanz, Spatial Media
 Laboratories, 2015
With Resonanz, Telcosystems presents a picture book and a music publication in one. The pages with images contain sensors, and an audio player in the cover allows you to hear the accompanying soundtrack as you turn the pages through speakers or headphones. Just like a music score comes to life in sound, Resonanz visualizes sound through a series of rich and detailed visual narratives. Resonanz was conceived and created, among other factors, in response to the development of screen-based e-books, where tactility vanishes and quality and appearance are nearly completely determined by the e-reader. By using the latest developments in technology, such as the built-in MP3 player and sensors, as well as modern printing techniques combined with manual work for assembling and binding, this project aims to show that there are many different ways of thinking about electronic books, and therefore about the future of the book.
Telcosystems Resonanz | Spatial Media Laboratories 2015 | 12 sound compositions, 12 images | Supported by Mondriaan Fund, Creative Industries Fund NL, City of Rotterdam
Location: Teijin Auditorium
Time: continuous

Selin Kuscu
Before a book goes to the printer, the text is rewritten time and time again. The reader does not often consider this process when holding a book, Selin does. She makes this clear by rewriting one sentence continuously during the evening.
Location: Schiphol Lounge
Time: continuous

Annelotte Lammertse
For a project of the Dutch National Opera, Annelotte wrote a libretto. Singer Verbena is located between the Impressionist landscapes at the Stedelijk, working on her own environment.
Location: Ground floor, old building, room 0.15
Time: once per hour

Mariana Lanari, Moving Thinking, 2015-2016
When walking around the Stedelijk Museum, you are walking on top of two hundred thousand books, stored on 3 km of shelves, in one of Europe’s largest modern art libraries. In Moving Thinking – The foundation of one’s thought is the thought of another, Mariana Lanari inhabited the storage of the Stedelijk Museum Library for a 6-month performance, in which she followed the movement of thoughts that links a book to others through their content, in a silent choreography of human interaction, creating a maze that would eventually lead to the poetic wisdom of the first man in history. This resulted in a blueprint of the museum, projected onto the bookshelf of the reading room, where each area of the museum had a corresponding set of shelves containing books related to the works on display. This allowed visitors to quickly see what was happening at the museum, and to access primary sources related to the current exhibitions.
In this presentation she will talk about reading a library and how she is continuing this research in collaboration with a computer scientist, in order to explore the use of art libraries as potential creative input to artificial intelligence systems.
Presentation: Mariana Lanari and Margriet Schavemaker
Locatie: Audi Zaal 0.1 (talk), Studio B (film)
Tijd: 20.15 (talk), doorlopend (film)

 Alexandra Leykauf, Alexandra Leykauf, Roma Publications, 2016
On the occasion of her recent publication, Alexandra Leykauf will engage in a conversation with Caroline Soyez-Petithomme and Maria Barnas on issues of book making, different ways of using photography and the habit of images to claim and transfigure space. Since the publication is conceived as a monograph as well as an artist’s book, the line between those categories will be negotiated as a starting point for discussion about the speakers’ shared interest in photography. Photographs, whether ‘found’ or ‘captured’, are used as a means to represent and document. They function as the shards in a kaleidoscope, which, incorporated in the publication at hand, create a new work in its own right. From here the conversation will move towards ‘a sense of space’, referring both to the title of Maria Barna’s essay that is included in the publication and to a central concern in Caroline Soyez-Petithomme’s curatorial practice as well as Alexandra Leykauf’s artistic practice.
Alexandra Leykauf | Roma Publications Amsterdam 2016 | 240 pages | 20 x 28 cm | ISBN 9789491843563
Presentation Alexandra Leykauf, Caroline Soyez-Petithomme and Maria Barnas
Location: Lower Level
Time: 7.30 pm

Marlies Rijneveld
So as to not give away too much about Marlies’s intervention: should you encounter her during the evening, she most likely will make a lasting impression.
Location: throughout the building
Time: continuous

Salomé Roodenburg
Some rooms in the museum are almost theatrical. This can be the case even with general spaces that do not feature artworks, such as hallways and stairways. Salomé wrote a poem inspired by the long escalator of the Stedelijk Museum.
Location: escalator, new building
Time: continuous

Carolyn F. Strauss (ed.), Slow Reader: a Resource for Design Thinking and Practice, Valiz, 2016
Valiz and Slow Research Lab offer an immersive experience of their new publication Slow Reader: a book that offers alternative visions and variant rhythms for reflecting upon and (re-)imagining the spatial, relational, and temporal potentials of a complex world filled with interdependent systems. A diverse and inspiring array of voices—in turns poetic and pragmatic, analytical and aspirational—converge in this volume to awaken new understandings, challenge comfort zones, spark curiosity and debate, and incite further investigation of ‘slow’ approaches to living, now and into the future. In the Audi Gallery, interdisciplinary designer Maria Blaisse will read her essay from the book while three dancers explore the expressive range of Blaisse's flexible bamboo structures, evoking a vision for the human-built environment that is more dynamic and closer to nature.
Slow Reader: a Resource for Design Thinking and Practice | Valiz 2016 | 288 pages | ISBN 978-94-9209-501-5
Presentation: Maria Blaisse and dancers 
Location: Audi Gallery, 0.1
Time: 9.30 pm

 Michelle de Vaan
Michelle's work can be found on the ground floor of the old building, around the Tinguely lab. Should you feel the need to take a step back from the crowd, this is the place to go.
Location: Ground floor, old building
Time: continuous

Leendert Vooijce
Leendert explores the concept of intervention. What does it mean when a museum invites you to come up with an intervention? For him, this implies a certain power relation that he wants to call into question.
Location: Audi Gallery 0.1 and Lower Level
Time: 7:15 and 7:30 pm

 Sara van Woerden (et al.), Artistic Coloring Book, 2016
As part of the Artistic Coloring Book Project, Sara van Woerden (Delft, 1986) present shared coloring tables. During the Stedelijk Book Club, you are welcome to take a seat at one of the tables and color the cloth. Artistic Coloring Book is an initiative by Sara van Woerden, as part of her Three Word Stories practice. The project investigates the concept of artistic coloring. Participating artists that are present during the Book Club: Juliaan Andeweg (NL), Saskia de Jong (NL), Plural Authorship Collective (USA) en Marijke De Roover (BE).
Previous projects by Sara van Woerden: Draw Something School, Imaginary Game Soundtrack, Murder Mystery Entertainment.
Location: Schiphol Lounge
Time: continuous

*price includes entrance to the museum, entrance to the exhibition Jean Tinguely – Machine Spectacle and the performance.