Theory — Mar 25, 2017

This program, consisting of a talk, a conversation and a film screening is sold out. If you don't have a ticket, don't worry, we will livestream the whole lecture and talk on Facebook and in the museum. Tickets for the film screening on 26 March are still available. 

Museumkaart €5 / studenten €12,50 / regulier € 20
Teijin Auditorium, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Mar 25, 2017, 2 pm until 4.20 pm
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The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Utrecht University proudly present a theory program consisting of a talk, conversation, and film screening in honor of Distinguished Professor Emeritus Donna Haraway, a prominent scholar of feminist studies and the field of science and technology.


3:00 – 3:10 pm           welcome
3:10 – 3:30 pm           talk | Donna Haraway
3:30 – 3:45 pm           conversation and q&a | Donna Haraway and Rosi Braidotti, with filmmaker Fabrizio Terranova present in the audience
3:45 – 3:50 pm           short transition to the film
3:50 – 5:20 pm           film | Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival (90 min.)


Donna Haraway is a feminist, a prominent scholar in the field of science and technology, and a science-fiction enthusiast who works to build bridges between science and fiction. She became known in the 1980s through A Cyborg Manifesto, her work on gender, identity, and technology, which broke with the prevailing trends and introduced a new kind of frank, trans-species feminism. In her latest book, Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chtulucene (2016, Duke University Press), Haraway offers provocative new ways to reconfigure our relations with the earth and its inhabitants. She eschews referring to our current epoch as the Anthropocene, preferring to conceptualize it as what she calls the Chthulucene, as it more aptly and fully describes our epoch as one in which the human and nonhuman are inextricably linked.

Brussels filmmaker Fabrizio Terranova visited Donna Haraway at her home in California, living with her – almost literally – for a few weeks to produce a quirky film portrait. Terranova allowed Haraway to speak in her own environment, using attractive staging that emphasized the playful, cerebral sensitivity of the scientist. The result is a rare, candid, intellectual portrait of a highly original thinker and a gifted storyteller who paints a rebellious and hopeful universe teeming with critters and futuristic trans-species in an era of disasters.

Prof. Rosi Braidotti will converse with Donna Haraway on her latest book, Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chtulucene and how Haraway’s views on feminism, culture, science, and technology have changed since A Cyborg Manifesto. Braidotti is Distinguished University Professor at Utrecht University and was the founding director of the Centre for the Humanities. Her publications focus on continental philosophy, at the intersection of social and political theory, cultural politics, gender, feminist theory, and ethnicity studies. This is evidenced in the philosophical agenda set in her first book Patterns of Dissonance: An Essay on Women in Contemporary French Philosophy (1991). Braidotti has brought postmodern feminism into the Information Age with her considerations of cyberspace, prosthesis, and the materiality of difference. Braidotti also considers how ideas of gender difference can affect our sense of the human/animal and human/machine divides.


Didn't manage to get a ticket? Don't worry - we will livestream the conversation and lecture by Donna Haraway on Facebook and at the museum in gallery 0.1.


Donna Haraway: Story Telling For Earthly Survival, by Fabrizio Terranova 
90 min.
HD, color, sound.
Written & directed by Fabrizio Terranova.
Supported by Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Centre de l’Audiovisuel à Bruxelles, and Kunstenfestivaldesarts.