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Exhibition — 14 Sep until 26 Oct 2012

The 54th edition of The Best Dutch Book Designs.

In presenting the Best Dutch Book Designs of 2012 (De Best Verzorgde Boeken)—the 54th edition of the award—the Stedelijk Museum continues a long and proud tradition. 

This year, the jury—including Johan Holterman (print advisor), Ada Lopes Cardozo (former tutor at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague), Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen and Marlies Visser (graphic designers), and Peter de Winter (publisher)—selected 33 books from 305 entries. 

For the first time in the history of the prize, the submissions included an e-book and an app. Although neither of these was chosen to receive the award, the fact of their submission indicates that the boundaries of what might be deemed a book and the options for publication are expanding. One of the honored designs, for example, was published only through print on demand.

The jury, taking these developments into consideration, opted to focus on physical appearance. This distinguishing the printed book from the digital texts that flow in abundance across our screens every day. “No one currently believes that print books are destined to disappear—but they will need to stand head and shoulders above the digital alternatives,” observes the jury. The panel’s choice is on view here in an installation designed by EventArchitectuur, Amsterdam.

Most of the books are on sale in the museum shop.