When is the deadline?  

The deadline is 22 November 2021, 11:59 p.m. Unfortunately no exceptions to this deadline can be made.  

Is it mandatory to live and/or working in the Netherlands?

The constitutional documents for the Gemeentelijke Kunstaankopen stipulate that only artists living and/or working in the Netherlands have the possibility of submitting an application. 

Which language do I need to use in my application?

You may apply to the Open Call in English or Dutch. The jury consists of both Dutch- and English-speaking committee members.  

Is it possible to apply as a duo or collective?

Applications by duos and collectives are allowed. You may encounter limitations in the forms, such as word maximums. We advise you to appoint one central contact person and state their personal details as the applicant’s information.  

We advise you to create a PDF with a single CV for the duo/collective, including one biography for each member of the duo/collective (100 words maximum each). For the portfolio we ask you to submit a selection of works by the various makers involved and to upload this as a team portfolio, instead of uploading several individual portfolios.   

Can I apply with multiple works?

 It is possible to submit more than one work for this Open Call. A maximum of 4 images can be uploaded with your proposal. You can choose to either upload 4 separate works or 1 work, illustrated with 4 images. It is important that you clarify your choice in the section of the form where you enter a textual description of your proposal.  

What kind of files can I upload into “Artwork Proposal”?

The “Artwork Proposal” form allows for uploads up to 10 MB in size. If you wish to submit a video or item exceeding this limit, we recommend that you upload a PDF containing stills (if applicable) and a link to the corresponding video, produced by the applicant, on SoundCloud, Vimeo, YouTube or similar platforms. Links to downloadable files sent through WeTransfer or similar are not accepted.   

What kind of files can I upload into the form "Portfolio"?

The following maximum file sizes apply to uploads into the ‘Portfolio’ section: 

  • image: maximum 10 MB each 

  • video: maximum 500 MB each 

  • audio: maximum 60 MB each 

  • PDF: maximum 20 MB each 

  • Sketchfab and other types (.zip, .tiff and .jog): maximum 200 MB each