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With the Zadelhoff Café and the marble stairway landing, you will choose for one of the most iconic spots in the Stedelijk. Many feet have been climbed this 1895 staircase. It has not only served as the birthplace of artist duo Gilbert & George, but also as the basis for a giant slide created by Alicia Framis in the 1990s.

The spaciousness is only enhanced by the natural daylight falling in through the skylight. At night, artificial lighting can provide any desired atmosphere.

You can welcome your guests with a drink and a snack on the stairway, with the landing offering your guests different enticing glimpses of the current exhibitions, including the Hall of Honour.

The highly-regarded Zadelhoff Café has everything on hand for a tasty dinner and comes visually amplified by Daniel Buren’s line paintings and a Lawrence Weiner installation.

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