News — 3 Dec 2020

On 1 December 2020, the college of Mayor and Alderpersons of the Municipality of Amsterdam appointed Annelies van der Pauw (60) as member of the Supervisory Board of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Immediately after this decision, the Supervisory Board chose Annelies van der Pauw as new chairperson from its midst.

Annelies van der Pauw succeeds Truze Lodder as chairperson. Truze Lodder joined the Supervisory Board on 7 August 2018 as interim chairperson, after which she became chairperson. Truze Lodder formed an entirely new Supervisory Board and under her leadership appointed a new directorate in the person of Rein Wolfs and Jacqueline Bongartz. Truze Lodder fulfilled her role for the museum with unbridled energy, and always stated that, when the time was right, she wished to hand over the reins to a new chairperson. The ideal candidate has now been found in the person of Annelies van der Pauw.

Annelies van der Pauw has been a lawyer in Amsterdam since 1987 and lived in New York for several years in the 1990s. As a lawyer she has over thirty years’ experience in mergers and acquisitions and advising in the field of corporate governance. Her interest in following developments in the arts and culture, science, politics and economics based on her social engagement, is apparent from her numerous supervisory and management positions. Her previous roles include chairperson of the board of the BKVB Fund, and after its merger with the Mondriaan Foundation, chair of the Supervisory Board of the Mondriaan Fund. She is currently chairperson of the Supervisory Board of Maastricht University, member of the Supervisory Board of NatWest Markets N.V. and board member of the AkzoNobel Art Foundation.

Photo Marco Sweering
Photo Marco Sweering

Annelies van der Pauw: “The Stedelijk Museum is a renowned institution with an impressive history and a unique collection. Moreover, it is an organization that follows, shows and documents ever-changing times. With the prominent collection as a basis and the starting points of the current management as a compass, I have great confidence in the potential of the Stedelijk, as a platform and meeting place, to play a vital role in the urban, national and international debate about modern and contemporary visual art and design. I am honoured to be able to contribute to this institute as chairperson of the Supervisory Board during this time.”