News — 7 Nov 2017

Amsterdam, 7 November 2017 - The Supervisory Board of the Stedelijk Museum and the municipality of Amsterdam have decided that the municipality will oversee the two reports commissioned by both parties. This move is intended to avoid the appearance of any conflict of interests, or suggestions that influences of any kind may shape the outcome of the reviews. Following investigative articles published in the Dutch media, members of the Supervisory Board met with Beatrix Ruf on 17 October, after which the Supervisory Board decided to commission two independent reviews. One will look at whether Ruf’s salary was in line with Dutch civil service pay (pursuant to the Dutch Executives’ Pay Standards Act [Wet Normering Topinkomens]), while the other will examine compliance with the Cultural Governance Code. Ms. Ruf announced she was stepping down as director that same day.

The Supervisory Board is pleased that the municipality will be acting in the role of commissioner in both reviews. As the investigations develop, the Supervisory Board will receive progress updates to allow them to remain informed of, and connected with, the outcomes of the reviews.

Note for Editors

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