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News — 8 Apr 2009

On Thursday 9 April, advertisements will appear in the national and international press calling for applications for the function of general artistic director at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. 

The Board of Trustees invites potential candidates to consider the position before 30 April.

The Board is also keen to hear about potential candidates. The selection committee, under the chairmanship of Alexander Ribbink, the new chairman of the Board of Trustees, will involve a number of advisors from the museum world in the process of scouting for and assessing the candidates.

The new director will be the successor of current director Gijs van Tuyl, whose contract expires on 31 December 2009.

The new director must satisfy the following requirements:

  •  A study of art history, specialising in 20th- and 21st-century art
  •  An extensive national and international network of museums, galleries, artists, collectors, curators and critics
  •  An excellent reputation in the national and international museum world
  •  Proven organisational and commercial skills
  •  Proven skills as a fundraiser
  •  The necessary social skills to engage the enthusiasm of people at all levels
  •  A team player together with museum staff
  •  Cooperative and communicative, both internally and externally.


The selection interviews are planned for May/June 2009. The Board of Trustees hopes to announce the name of the new director after the summer.

The appointment will be made after the Mayor and City Councillors of Amsterdam have convened and the Staff Council has confirmed that the proposed candidate satisfies the requirements of the profile description.


Further information

The following people have been entrusted with the directorship of the Stedelijk Museum since its foundation: 

Jan Eduard van Someren Brand (1895-1906, curator), Cornelis Baard (1906-1936, 

director from 1920), David Röell (1936-1945), Willem Sandberg (1945-1963), 

Edy de Wilde (1963-1985), Wim Beeren (1985-1993), Rudi Fuchs (1993-2003), 

Hans van Beers (2003-2005, acting director) and Gijs van Tuyl (2005-2009).


on behalf of the Board of Trustees:


Hans Andersson Marry de Gaay Fortman

vice-chairman member


Note for editorial staff:

For further information Marry de Gaay Fortman is available via Marie-José Raven, 

Press Office Stedelijk Museum, m.raven@stedelijk.nl, tel. +31 (0) 20 – 573 26 56.