News — 31 May 2010

Till June 30th Stedelijk Museum and MediaLAB Amsterdam present the virtual 3D-exhibition: Ik op het Museumplein. [ Me at the Museumplein ] During this open air exhibition six works of art will be presented, made for the occasion by six students of Dutch art academies.

The works can only be viewed with a smart phoneIk op het Museumplein is the first exploration within the ARtours-project that the Stedelijk is developing and is the first virtual 3D-exhibition in The Netherlands.

With the ARtours-project the Stedelijk Museum creates and open sourceplatform with the application of Augmented Reality (AR). This means that anyone can make an ARtour through the city, download the Layar-browser and while pointing the smart phone at tagged spots have information on the works of art pop up spontaneously.