News — 27 Feb 2012

The museum’s art history library is moving to Museumplein

The Stedelijk Museum has an extensive library devoted to modern art, whichis a valued resource for students, researchers and curators. On January 16, 2012, the library of the Stedelijk Museum will commence the relocation from the Deccaweg to Museumplein. The closure will be as short as possible: however, the entire library collection (170,000 tapes and 1400 journals, 210 of which are current) will not be accessible from Monday 16 January through 30 March.

Although the Stedelijk Museum will not reopen until the second half of 2012, the library will be in use again, to a limited extent, as of Monday April 2, 2012. 

Researchers can direct their requests to staff by emailing indicating the type of material they require (books, archival material), the subject matter and the reason for their inquiry; a telephone number must also be included. There are a number of options based on various criteria (urgency of the research, type of research, uniqueness of the material, etc.):

  1. Referral to other specialist libraries which also hold the requested material 
  2. The provision of copies or scans of the requested material if it is exclusive to the library of the Stedelijk Museum
  3. If material is available for consultation, the researcher will be invited to view it in the reading room of the Van Gogh Museum where the required literature will be present (in the villa behind the Van Gogh Museum, address: Museumplein 4)

Unfortunately, we cannot honor every request while the library is being relocated, for which the library asks for your understanding.

After the Stedelijk Museum reopens in the second half of 2012, the library looks forward to resuming full service in the renovated library that will have the capacity to accommodate over 30 research places.