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News — 20 May 2010

While looking forward to the grand reopening of its fully-renovated and expanded facilities, the Stedelijk Museum is planning The Temporary Stedelijk 

as an exceptional, short-term use of the museum’s historical building in 2010, the 115th anniversary of the institution. The City of Amsterdam, the commissioner of the ongoing renovation and expansion of the Stedelijk Museum facilities, has generously granted the museum temporary right of use of the historic building for a special temporary program organized by the museum from 28 August 2010 – January 2011 prior to the completion of the construction and preparations for the grand reopening. 

The Temporary Stedelijk offers a remarkable opportunity to welcome the people of Amsterdam back “home,” as well as to engage national and international audiences through an extraordinary, innovative program of contemporary art and design in the museum’s historic building. The Temporary Stedelijk is inspired by the unique conditions of the museum's interior spaces at this moment before the conclusion of the stunning renovation of the historical building by Benthem Crouwel. In what will be an unexpected and distinctive use 

of the museum's galleries before they are ultimately devoted to the presentation of the renowned collection of modern and contemporary art and design, The Temporary Stedelijk will make use of the entire building for a compelling program of art, education programs, and special events. 

Led by Ann Goldstein, director of the Stedelijk Museum, the museum staff is currently preparing this unique, temporary program. 

Ann Goldstein: “While we anticipate the grand reopening, this is a fantastic opportunity for art and people to meet once again at the Stedelijk Museum. The Temporary Stedelijk is a one-time occasion to use the building in an extraordinary and memorable way. We are very pleased that the City of Amsterdam has granted us the opportunity to bring art and life back to the Stedelijk Museum.” 

Further details about this program will be announced at a press conference held at the museum, at a date to be determined.