News — 7 Jun 2010

This summer Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam presents the group exhibition ‘In-between Things’. The exhibition title refers to some of the characteristics shared by the works on display, mostly sculptures, which combine various materials and practices. Moreover, these works share an interest in intercultural relations and their political imprints. Broadly speaking, ‘In-between Things’ addresses the theme of globalization and its relation to contemporary art.

Although economic aspects of globalization in relation to contemporary art have recently been much discussed (and criticized), they are not central to ‘In-between Things’. Rather, this exhibition focuses on the effects of globalization on contemporary artistic practices and their theoretical frameworks. The mixing of different cultures is often linked to the term hybridity. In general, the term hybridity describes the mixing of heterogeneous materials, organisms and practices. Since the emergence of post-colonial discourse, however, the term hybridity has lost its political innocence.

Papa Adama, Huma Bhabha, Jimmie Durham, George Osodi, Daniel Spoerri, Clemens von Wedemeyer