During the Stay at Home days the Stedelijk Museum will stream a live tour through the collection or one of the exhibitions on Instagram every Friday at 2 pm (CET). The Live Tour will also be available on Facebook and YouTube afterward. Tune in!

• Live Tours - The next tour will be on Friday May 15 at 2pm.

• Live Tours

During the Stay at Home-days, the Stedelijk Museum will boradcast a live tour through Instagram every Friday.

  • On Friday March 20, Director Rein Wolfs kicked off the series of Instagram live tours with a tour through Stedelijk BASE- The Collection
  • On March 27 curator Leontine Coelewij took us on a tour through the exhibition Nam June Paik: The Future is Now.
  • On April 3, curator Hripsimé Visser showed us the photography of Bertien van Manen and other photographers in Beyond the Image. Bertien van Manen & Friends.
  • On April 10, Director Rein Wolfs took us on an easter egg hunt through The Collection Stedelijk BASE. Join Rein Wolfs him for his easter egg hunt for the more unknown facts and hidden messages in our art collection. Tune in at 2 pm (CET)!
  • On Friday April 17, Amanda Pinatih, our design curator, took us on a tour through a few highlights in the design and applied arts galleries from the Stedelijk BASE 2.
  • On Friday April 24, Curator Leontine Coelewij took us through the exhibition Carlos Amorales — The Factory.
  •  Curator Ingeborg de Roode provided us with a tour through the design collection 1920 - 1970 in Stedelijk BASE on May 1.
  • On Friday May 8, Junior Conservator Anne Ruygt took us through the collection of contemporary photography at Stedelijk BASE.

Afterward, the tours will also be available on Facebook and YouTube. Tune in!

Watch all live tours on YouTube

  • Stedelijk BASE 2 | Amanda Pinatih
  • Easter Eggs in Stedelijk BASE | Rein Wolfs
  • Bertien van Manen | Hripsimé Visser
  • Nam June Paik | Leontine Coelewij
  • Stedelijk base | Rein Wolfs