jennifer tee in são paulo
20 Oct 2004

Quarantine Series present a ˜home-made™ documentary about the participation of Dutch artist Jennifer Tee at the 26th Sao Paolo Biennal, to be held between 25th September and 19th December 2004.

October 20, 8.30-10 p.m.
entrance free
This evening will be organised by Quarantine Series:

Last year Quarantine Series went to Venice to make a ‘home-made documentary’ about the 50th Venice Biennale. This year we are going to Brasil to make a documentary about the presentation of Jennifer Tee at the 26th Bienal de Sao Paulo, to be held from 25th September to 19th December 2004.

São Paulo Bienale
The Bienal de São Paulo is considered to be one of the three most important events of its kind in the world. The theme proposed for this year’s edition, entitled “Image Smugglers in a Free Territory”, derives from the idea of the no-man's land, not only geographically, politically and socially speaking, but mainly as an aesthetic field, where art defies the boundaries of reality. According to chief curator Alfons Hug “artists create a power-free zone and, as such, a counter-world running opposite to the existing one”. The Netherlands will be represented by Jennifer Tee, curated by Stijn Huijts (director of Het Domein, Sittard) 

Jennifer Tee
The work of Jennifer Tee (born 1973, Arnhem, The Netherlands) offers a complex accrochage of all kinds of objects: videos, slides, photographs, sounds, sculptures, and performative elements. Here installations are often constructed situations, whose moment of effect precedes their rational reception, creating a feeting period of time in which the unknown, the unexpected, the exotic and the mysterious can come into play. This temporal space, in which Tee attempts to bring about an intense and liberating ‘experience of the moment’, has no finality, no central focus, but rather exists as a structure of possibilities and references.
In São Paulo Jennifer Tee wil create a new installation, entitled [Feasting on the] E*V*O*L*E*Y*E-LAND*S*-END an Outburst of Passion in Limbo.

Quarantine Series will shoot its documentary in the week prior to and during the opening weekend of the Biennale (20th Sep – 27th  Sep 2004 ). Our focus will be on the project of Jennifer Tee. How does her work come about? What does Tee want to achieve? What are the reactions of the visitors? What is the relation with São Paulo? And what is the relation with the central theme of the Biennale?

Documentary makers: Danila Cahen, Femke Lutgerink and Nina Folkersma.
Advisor: Rob Schröder.

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