gallery talks

tino sehgal by aernoud bourdrez
6 Nov 2015

Stedelijk Museum, Teijin auditorium
3 - 4 pm
Entrance price to the Stedelijk Museum + € 2.50
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The Stedelijk Museum is pleased to invite you to a special series of Gallery Talks, tours by academics, curators, and authors in the context of the project A Year At The Stedelijk: Tino Sehgal, which is on view until December 31, 2015. During the tours the guest speakers will introduce the visitors to one of Sehgal’s unique live works and discuss the art experience from the perspective of their own expertise, research, or interests. In this way the Stedelijk Museum provides room for new – and above all – personal perspectives on contemporary art.

All the speakers were specifically invited because of their ability to reflect on the work of Sehgal in the context of both the arts and other disciplines. For example, Aernoud Bourdrez will focus on the role of the law and other types of systems (such as the commercial world of supply and demand) in relation to the art world, how these worlds can come into collision, and how Sehgal manages to keep some of these systems at a distance. On the basis of various recent events in the art world, such as the case of Luc Tuymans versus Krijn van Giel and the case of Danh Vo versus Bert Kreuk, Bourdrez will examine how it is possible to prevent art from being exploited.


Aernoud Bourdrez is a lawyer and negotiator. His clients include artists, museums, collectors, architects, and designers. He regularly publishes articles and lectures on art, the law, and negotiation in the Netherlands and abroad. His book Think Like a Lawyer, Don't Act Like One is an international bestseller. In addition, Bourdrez is a fervent collector of contemporary art.