Conservation and Restauration: impossible without research.
2 Oct 2016

Teijin Auditorium, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
1 - 4:30 pm
Adults € 15,- / Students € 10,- / Museumjaarkaart + € 5,- public program admission


Specialist conservators ensure that the collection of the Stedelijk Museum stays in good condition. These objects and art works of all kinds of materials and techniques, nearly 90,000 in total, require a specific approach. How do you deal with photos on which other materials have been applied? Which techniques did Marc Chagall use for his paintings and what is the best treatment for the kinetic works of Jean Tinguely? What kind of research is needed here?


These and other questions will be answered during this Stedelijk Seminar. On this afternoon, the conservators will give you a glimpse of their complex work through short, accessible lectures. The afternoon will conclude with a gallery tour during which you will see the works of art in the museum through the eyes of a conservator.

This Stedelijk Seminar is part of the Dutch Science Weekend


1.00 - 1.05 Welcome - Bart Rutten (head of collections)

1.05 - 1.25 Introduction - Sandra Weerdenburg (head of restorations/sculpture restorer)

1.25 - 1.55 Research on nine works by Marc Chagall in the Stedelijk Museum collection - Meta Chavannes and Madeleine Bischoff (painting restorer)

The Stedelijk museum owns nine paintings by Marc Chagall, including well-known works such as Le Violoniste and Bella Dressed in Green. In the context of these works'preservation, an ongoing research into the materials and techniques used by Chagall is currently taking place. This lecture gives and impression of this research and the various methods used, such as infrared and X-ray photography. 

1.55 - 2.25  The preservation of 'photo-works' (assembled photographical artworks) - Monica Marchesi (paper restorer)

Over the past four years, the Stedelijk Museum and Leiden University have led a nationwide research project into photographic art. Within the project, which is supported by NWO in the context of Science4Arts, various types of research are conducted from an art-historical, chemical and museum (management) perspective. Based on a number of examples, this presentation highlights the material of complexity of 'photo-works'.

2.25 - 2.55 The Tinguely project: research and treatment - Susanne Meijer (metal restorer)
In the context of the large, traveling Tinguely exhibition in D
üsseldorf and Amsterdam in 2015-2016, thirteen three-dimensional works by Jean Tinguely in the Stedelijk collection have interdisciplinary examined and processed in a large project. This presentation deals with complex issues such as: Can the objects still be shown in a working manner? What are the alternatives? Can we replace materials?  

2.55 - 3.15 Q&A

3.15 - 3.30 Break

3.30 - 4.30 Gallery Talks by the restoration team