Sunday seminar: Solution or Utopia? Design for Refugees
21 May 2017

3 - 4:30 pm
museum card € 3 / students € 10.50 / regular € 18

* Price includes admission to the exhibition


In conjunction with the presentation of Solution or Utopia? Design for Refugees, various designs from the exhibition will be brought into focus through lectures, short columns, and a panel discussion, in relation to sociopolitical issues in Europe. The exhibition addresses practical questions about the usefulness and functionality of designs for refugees as well as related ethical and ideological issues. Is it appropriate to approach refugees as a separate group? What are the practical issues people face during their flight and as they integrate in a new country? Is it right to provide a ready-made solution for a refugee, or should people acquire the tools to create solutions for shelter and other living facilities themselves?

Invited guest speakers are designers, policy makers and art professionals who have been dealing with issues regarding refugees in the past recent years (more info soon online).