Fränzi is depicted in Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s studio, which was adorned with his handmade furniture, paintings, drawings and tapestries. Formally Fränzi is typical of Kirchner’s Die Brücke work. The large planes of solid, bright colour, jagged lines and outlines are all characteristic of the artist’s style at the time. Moreover, the nude was a major subject for Die Brücke. Fränzi here, in front of a curtain designed by Kirchner, stands bashfully off-centre with the top of her hair cut-off by the canvas. Traces of Kirchner’s primitivism are present in the image: the nude points to the desire for social and sexual freedom. This painting fits into a series of artworks from 1909 to 1910 whereby Kirchner incorporated his own artworks as backgrounds.


Translated title

Nude Behind a Curtain (Fränzi)



Production date



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140 x 110 x 6cm.


paint on burlap

Object number

A 4649