Curious about the Stedelijk’s presentation of highlights in The Collection - STEDELIJK BASE? Have you always wanted to learn more about design or a particular artist? Whether you’re new to art or a connoisseur, a guided tour is guaranteed to give you a fresh or new perspective. Find the tour that best suits your group in the bar above.

Self-guided visit adults

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Do you prefer an independent visit for a party of 5 or more? Book a self-guided group visit.
*Self-guided visits can be booked up to 24 hours in advance.
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Photo: Tomek Dersu Aaron.

Exhibition Tour

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In the galleries where the temporary exhibitions are located, it is not possible to comply with the 6 feet social distancing rule with a group. Therefore, no guided tours are currently taking place in the temporary exhibitions.

Instead, you can join a free introductory lecture every weekend before visiting the exhibition:

Now: Bruce Nauman

Bruce Nauman, 'Studies for Holograms (a)', 1970. Courtesy Sperone Westwater, New York. © 2021 Bruce Nauman / Pictoright Amsterdam / Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


for everyone

If you’d rather discover the Stedelijk’s icons – and surprises – for yourself, grab our free audio tour! Available for the main and temporary exhibitions in English and Dutch.

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By following our safety and hygiene protocol, and that of the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM), the maximum group size has been adjusted to 5 people per group for people aged 18 and older. In this way, we can comply with the 6 feet social distancing rule. If you want to visit the museum with a larger group, you must therefore reserve separate time slots / guided tours. We also ask you to read our 6 feet museum protocol before visiting the museum (with a group).