Curious about the new presentation of highlights in The Collection - STEDELIJK BASE? Have you always wanted to learn more about design or a particular artist? Whether you’re new to art, or a connoisseur, a guided tour is guaranteed to give you a fresh or new perspective. Find the tour that suits your group best, here below.

The collection - STEDELIJK BASE

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Discover the highlights of the Stedelijk Museum in STEDELIJK BASE. Available in different languages, book a highlight tour in:
*You can book a guided tour up to 3 weeks ahead


Exhibition tour


Itching to dive deeper into one of the Stedelijk’s contemporary exhibitions? Get the in depth information about artist(s) and the works. Book an exhibition tour. There is one tour availabe at the moment.
*You can book a guided tour up to 3 weeks ahead
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Self-guided visit adults

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Party of 15 or more but prefering an independent visit? Book a self-guided group visit.
*You can book a self-guided visit up to 24 hours ahead

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Photo: Tomek Dersu Aaron

Unforgettable Stedelijk

for people with dementia

An inspiring, enriching afternoon for people with dementia and their family members
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City & Language

NT2 students Groups

Stad en Taal: Ontmoet Kunst is a programme specially designed for adults learning Dutch as a second language (NT2).

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If you’d rather discover the Stedelijk’s icons – and surprises – for yourself, grab our free audio tour! Available for adults at the entrance of STEDELIJK BASE. Available for adults in 6 different languages (NL/EN/DE/FR/ESP/IT).