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Unfortunately, the Stedelijk Museum will be closed again from Tuesday December 15. As soon as we know when we will re-open, we will let you know through our website, newsletter and social media channels.
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Look here for answers to frequently asked questions about visits, safety and hygiene measures, the exhibition program and the accessibility of the library, restaurant, and museum shop.

Opening Hours & Prices

The Stedelijk is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. The museum is open 365 days a year, including during the holidays. 

Students receive a discount of approx. 50% on the adjusted admission price. Entrance to the Stedelijk is free for children and young people up to the age of 18. When booking your tickets online, choose one of the options CJP/Student/18- during the order process. Children under the age of 18 can only enter the museum if they are accompanied by an adult(s) who has a valid entrance ticket.

Due to the current safety measures against covid-10, it is necessary to reserve an online ticket and time slot before you visit. It is also possible to buy a ticket at the register as long as there are still tickets available within the specific time slot of your visit. Tickets are valid for a year. Please read our safety measures before you visit.

Are you not able to come because of heath or any other reason? Send an email to to change your time slot.

Tickets & Time Slots

We recommend our visitors to reserve an online ticket and timeslot through our website before your visit. This also applies to holders of visitors with a Museum card, other discount card or valid entrance ticket* We offer this as part of our security protocol. If you have a Museumkaart, you can order a ticket with time slot for free. Be sure that you also bring your Museumkaart with you when you visit the museum.

It is also possible to buy a ticket at the register as long as there are still tickets available within the specific timeslot of your visit.

*Entrance is free for: Children and young people up to the age of 18**, Museumkaart, Friends of the Stedelijk Museum, Young Stedelijk Members, Rembrandtkaart, ICOM, Stadspas, Iamsterdam City Card, Amsterdam Pass, Holland Pass, Stedelijk Lerarenpas, BankGiro Lottery VIP-kaart
**only if accompanied by an adult with a valid entrance ticket

Currently, it is mandatory to reserve a time slot on a specific date by buying an online ticket through the museum website. This also applies to people with a Museumkaart. Please bring your Museum Card or Membership when you visit the museum. Time slots are offered in 15-minute increments. We offer this in order to regulate the flow of visitors and ensure the safety of visitors and staff.

We recommend all of our visitors to reserve an online ticket and timeslot before your visit. It is also possible to buy a ticket at the register as long as there are still tickets available within the specific timeslot of your visit. This also applies to members of Young Stedelijk, Stedelijk Circle and other memberships.

We don’t refund money for purchased tickets. Tickets are valid for twelve months after the date of purchase. If you can’t use your ticked on the date and time slot you reserved, mail us at

If you have questions about your ticket(s) and time slot that is not answered in this FAQ, email us at or call us during office hours: 020-5732911,

If you have other questions, go to or email us at

Visit, Safety & Hygiene

Currently, only visitors who have reserved a time slot are allowed into the museum. If you arrive within the time slot stated on your online ticket, you won’t have to wait. There is no need to arrive early to avoid queues. You can order your ticket and time slot online prior to your visit. It is also possible to buy a ticket at the register as long as there are still tickets available within the specific timeslot of your visit.

No, anyone with a valid entrance ticket and time slot can go straight to the cash register. This also applies to pass holders (Friends, members of Young Stedelijk, VIPS, ICOM etc.) and disabled people. We are doing all that we can to regulate the flow of visitors and ensure their safety.

A supervised cloakroom is available for coats and small items of luggage.  The museum does not provide the use of lockers because of the safety measures. Handbags are permitted in the museum galleries (max. size A3). You may not bring backpacks and/or weekend cases into the museum. Lockerpoint at the Museumplein provides storage space for luggage.

Some works of art at the Stedelijk Museum contain explicit or graphic imagery that could be experienced as offensive. Although a certain amount of provocation is inherent to modern and contemporary art, the museum will make visitors aware of possible explicit imagery when relevant.

Some art works at the Stedelijk contain explicit or graphic imagery and can be experienced as distburbing. Although a certain level of provocation is inherent to modern art. the Stedelijk Museum will inform visitors about this when necessary and appropriate. 

Yes, fixed routes for visitors have been marked through the museum. These routes are indicated by a line on the ground, which is interrupted in areas where visitors can roam freely. Please stay 1.5. metres away from other people at all times and follow any instructions from our visitor service team.

The museum is cleaned frequently and thoroughly in line with the RIVM guidelines. The washrooms and objects that visitors come into frequent contact with such as handrails and lift buttons are regularly sanitized. Hand sanitizers are available in dispensers in the entrance area so you can sanitize your hands before entering the museum.

The shop is open and has wider aisles to ensure safety. Visitors can only visit the shop on a fixed route. The shop has the same opening hours as the museum. Due to the current safety measures, it is necessary to book an online time slot to visit the museumshop. You can book your time slot through our ticket system. Choose the option 'I already have a ticket/voucher' if you only want to visit the shop.

Sorry to hear that! I you have a cold or symptoms of the flu, you have to stay home according to the rules of the National Health Institute (RIVM). You can reserve a new time slot and date by sending an email to You are welcome again when you and the other members of your household are without symptoms for at least 24 hours. Get well soon!

Yes, all toilets our open to visitors of the museum. All of our toilets are gender-neutral.

Service & House Rules

Yes. The museum provides a free audio tour for STEDELIJK BASE in six languages: Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. For the temporary exhibitions there's an audiotour available in English and Dutch.

Audio tours are available at the wardrobe. Because of our safety measures, you need to bring your own headphone (mini jack)! At the end of your visit, hand the audio tour to a staff member where the lockers are located in the entrance hall. The audio tours are sanitized after each use and stored in a disposable plastic sleeve. 

All of our audiotours are available on Soundcloud as well.


Yes. Please phone: +31 (0)20 5732 911 or email us at The museum has four wheelchairs available for visitors, and several Alinkers (a stylish new kind of non-motorized mobility vehicle), which are specially designed mobility vehicles that look a little like a bicycle. The wheelchairs are thoroughly sanitised after each use. For more information about our facilities for disabled visitors, please visit our Accessibility page.

With the exception of registered service dogs, animals are not permitted in the museum.

The museum has lifts that are suitable for wheelchairs and also has toilets for the disabled. We also have plenty of staff in the entrance area who are ready to help visitors in wheelchairs who might need help to access the galleries. If you need assistance when leaving the museum, you only have to ask; our staff is happy to help.

A special toilet route is available for visitors with a physical disability.

Exhibitions, Events & Collection

At the moment we have a program of small scale events at the museum. Check out what's on here. To keep up with the latest news, you can sign up for our newsletter here.

Would like to hire space at the museum to host an event. Get in touch and we’ll see if we can arrange something that fits in with the RIVM guidelines. Click here for more information on hiring space.

Yes. Almost 700 highlights from the collection are on permanent display in STEDELIJK BASE. Some works in our collection, photographs, textiles, and works on paper, cannot be exhibited for longer than 3 consecutive months because they are too fragile. But the display always includes internationally famous artists and designers. The Stedelijk collection is large, and if a work is on loan to another institute, we can replace it with one of equal calibre.