Stop by with your family and discover the wonderful world of the museum. There is plenty to do! Take a guided tour, go on a scavenger hunt or dive in the infinity pool, we'll see you soon. 😃 Scroll down to see what's on offer.


Every Saturday, 11.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m., 2.50 € per person
For the whole family 

A day in Amsterdam with the whole family? It’s a great way for you to get to know each other even better. What's your daughter's favourite artwork? What's your son's favourite colour? And where do you think of when you look at a huge blue painting? 

The 'How well do you know your family tour' is a fun way for you and your family to discover the museum, and the art—and learn even more about each other. All in the company of a tour guide. 

Note: the tour is in Dutch only. Registration for the family tour is required, full = full. 

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Img: Tomek Whitfield
Img: Tomek Whitfield

WhatsApp Scavenger Hunt 

Every Sunday, between 10.30 am - 12.30 pm
For the whole family 

Want to go on an adventure with the whole family? At the Stedelijk, anything is possible. Can you find the dancing woman? And what about the blue bird? Growl and hoot along with Karel Appel's animals, and try out your most original dance moves in the middle of the museum. Be inspired by all the art you see! And stay sharp! Because you might spot a very special, very important detail! 

The WhatsApp treasure hunt is free of charge. Registration is required.


Img: Maarten Nauw
Img: Maarten Nauw


Every day, for the whole family 

Is waste worthless? Not at all! You can experience all kinds of new things. Many artists and creators do that. Now you can get to work yourself in our lovely LAVFA LAB. You can make the most beautiful mosaics from the waste of the museum. And you can even go down the slide in the museum!

In the LAVFA LAB, developed by the creative collective Hotmamahot, you can experiment with magnified atoms. Dive into the plastic infinity pool and have fun with the particles inside the lab. What do you make of it?

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Img: Claire Bontje
Img: Claire Bontje


Lux the firefly lives in the museum and flies around at night when all the lights are out. And the artworks love that because they're a bit afraid of the dark. But now the firefly has lost his light! Who can help Lux to get his light back? On their quest, children visit eight works of art and see all kinds of fantastic things. From a magic ring to hidden faces! From works of art that produce sounds to art that makes you dance... but will you be able to find the light? 

The children's tour can be followed at Tomorrow is a Different Day. Collection 1980–now. At the entrance you can grab an audio player or scan a QR code with your phone to listen. The audio tour is easy to follow—scan the squares with KIDS on them, using the audio player or your phone. 

The tour is available every day in Dutch and English.