At the Stedelijk Museum there is always something to do for families and children. Be an artist yourself and create great things in our workshops or Lab, take part in awesome family tours through the museum or join some of our other family activities. And on top of all this, the Stedelijk is free for everyone age 18 and under.

Kinderworkshop. Foto: Tomek Dersu Aaron


do it yourself continuously

The RABO LAB: TRIP TRIP TRAP is where the magic happens. Immerse yourself in the Sixties. Have fun with an interactive disco ball, play the lava bags, kaleidoscopes and dance to the music. Everything’s always moving! What does that look like? Come and find out at the Stedelijk!

TRIP TRIP TRAP was specially created by Studio Erasmus+Gero for the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Foto: Tomek Dersu Aaron
Foto: Tomek Dersu Aaron
Photo: Tomek Dersu Aaron
Photo: Tomek Dersu Aaron

Artist workshops

every sunday in Dutch 6-12

Curious visitors aged 6 to 12 can visit the new studios on Sunday afternoon and take a special workshop with an artist or designer! So get creative and let the experts show you how it’s done.

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Family Trails

For kids 6+

Start your exploration of STEDELIJK BASE well-prepared with the free Family Trails and find out extraordinary and interesting things about art and the museum. The Family Trail invites you to use your eyes, ears, and nose to find the artworks and challenges you with fun activities. Don’t worry about getting bored – there are plenty of different Family Trails to discover.

You can find the Family Trails in the LAB and at the information desk. Pick one up for free.