The weather is getting better, the days are getting longer and the flowers are starting to bloom - it's spring again! A good reason to head out with the whole family for a fun outing. Feast your eyes and discover surprising stories behind modern and contemporary art and design.

The Stedelijk offers several activities that can be enjoyed by all generations. We'll help you discover new things about your family and about art of course 😃 Scroll down to see what's on offer.


How does a square sound? How about the color yellow? And what do they sound like together? Have a go at experimenting with sounds and creating your own sound art. 

Music has long been an important source of inspiration for many artists. Some artworks are like a melody of color and light. And sometimes when you listen to music, you start to visualize all sorts of things. In this SoundLAB, you can explore the way images and sounds combine to create something new.  

Play the pluck and feel walls, compose new images and sounds on the Kandinsky Canvas, and create industrial music on the assembly line.

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Photo: LNDWstudio


Every Sunday, free of charge, 10.30 am – 12.30 pm

So, who can spot the dancing lady? And where exactly is that mysterious bird hiding? It takes some detective skills to spot the funny details in the most beautiful works of art. So let's get cracking! This treasure hunt is free of charge and you can involve your whole family. However, we do ask you to book your free ticket, so we know you're coming.

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Everyday, free of charge, for kids

Lux the firefly lives in the museum and flies around at night when all the lights are out. And the artworks love that because they're a bit afraid of the dark. But now the firefly has lost his light! Who can help Lux to get his light back? On their quest, children visit eight works of art and see all kinds of fantastic things. From a magic ring to hidden faces! From works of art that produce sounds to art that makes you dance... but will you be able to find the light? 

The children's tour can be followed at Tomorrow is a Different Day. Collection 1980–now. At the entrance you can grab an audio player or scan a QR code with your phone to listen. The audio tour is easy to follow—scan the squares with KIDS on them, using the audio player or your phone. 

The tour is available every day in Dutch and English.