Stad en Taal: Ontmoet Kunst is a programme specially designed for adults learning Dutch as a second language (NT2).

Dutch, level: advanced A2, moving up to B1.
1.5 hours
€ 82,50 per group of 15 students, includes free admission and teaching materials.
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A guided tour in March can be booked up to January 23. A tour in April can be booked up to February 23, etc.

Want to learn Dutch in a museum? Why not take part in the Stad & Taal programme and chat with a specially trained museum guide about art and design. It’s a great way to brush up your Dutch language skills in an informal, relaxed environment. Before and after your visit, the language tutor can choose from a variety of assignments, available free of charge, at the museum. 


Ontmoet Kunst is part of Stad en Taal, a scheme founded by the municipality of Amsterdam. The programme is offered by six museums in Amsterdam: the Stedelijk Museum, the Tropenmuseum, Foam, the Verzetsmuseum, the Amsterdam Museum and the Rijksmuseum. Each venue provides accessible programmes to NT2 students to encourage fluency in the Dutch language, and cultural participation. 

Watch the video about City & Language here.