The Stedelijk restaurant lies in the heart of the museumquarter in Amsterdam and serves delicious international dishes all day long. Visitors both young and old can visit our restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

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Opening hours

Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Monday to Friday from 9.30AM

 Friday and Saturday from 10.00AM

Address and contact

Museumplein 10, 1071 DJ, Amsterdam
Telefoon: 020 5732651

At Restaurant Stedelijk you can enjoy a tasteful lunch, a surprising dinner, a nice cup of coffee and a lovely glass of wine. The unique location in the Van Baerlestraat next tot the Stedelijk Museum, brings a dynamic atmosphere. With the combination of sublime hospitality, the outstanding kitchen and the fashionable interior, your host Renata Semeins and her enthusiastic team will excite all of your senses!

Extensive menu

Our extensive menu includes a large variety of extraordinary lunch and dinner dishes, many drinks & bites and seasonal specials. Executive-Chef Richard Aloserij and chef Arnoud van Ommen create the dishes from an international spirit. Therefore you can choose your favorite dish from a large variety of lunch, fish and meat dishes from all over the world. Continuously all of their senses pay attention to surprise you with tasteful novelties. The seasons are turning, and with them comes change in our gastronomic creations. Our kitchen staff uses seasonal, sustainable and organic products wherever possible. In this way you are able to enjoy fair and pure food.


The wine bar offers a large range of wines by the glass.

Outstanding design

The oustanding design of Restaurant Stedelijk is a story of its own. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the new white wing of the Stedelijk Museum; among the citizens of Amsterdam called the ‘bathtub’. The building can be seen as an urban square. The wall made of glass was the starting point for the entire building. The tables in the inside as wel as the outside of the restaurant form one whole togheter. Also the floors outside on the square an inside the restaurant are identical. In this way an almost invisible enclosure between inside and outside is formed. The tapestry with a height of fourteen meters is designed by Petra Blaisse and is manufactured with innovative weaving techniques. It displays the origin of the land on which a person stands. Also the floor plan of the old building from the Stedelijk Museum and the plants which originally used to grow there can be noticed. The tapestry runs through in the museum and is an attraction in itself!


The terrace of Restaurant Stedelijk is a lovely place to view all the ins and outs of one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful quarters and enjoy the sun any time of the day!