Female artist waiting for applause is an example of one of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s more decorative works and shows the effect of Matisse on Kirchner. The first Matisse exhibition in Germany took place in Berlin in 1909. While Kirchner denied Mastisse’s impact, Kirchner’s art increasingly moved toward the decorative after Matisse’s exhibition. For example, it is evident in the extreme simplification of form, large patches of color and Kirchner’s choice to cut off the figure at the arms, head and legs. These various techniques flatten the figure and deny any feeling of depth. In this work Kirchner’s fascination with the Far East is also very clear in the black lines, which are reminiscent of calligraphic pen and ink drawings. Kirchner regularly returned to the theme of cabaret dancers throughout his career.


Translated title

Applause-Mongering Artist



Production date



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46.6 x 37.9cm.


lithograph on paper

Object number

A 4663