L’accord bleu is a canvas with sponges and pebbles attached to the surface. Klein initially wanted his monochromes to be soaked with pigment. The sponge is significant in this respect for its ability to absorb colour. Additionally, the sponges metaphorised the role of the viewer. To Klein, the audience was permeated with a sensibility from the paintings, just like the sponges were saturated with colour. As for his patented International Klein Blue, with some help Klein found a way to bind pigment directly to the surface without diluting the hue with medium.The resulting surface furthermore echoed Klein’s fascination with unlimited space. The objects attached to the canvas recall an otherworldly texture, like that on the moon. Furthermore, the image recalls Zen gardens Klein visited in Kyoto.
c/o Pictoright, Amsterdam 2004




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paint, sponges and pebbles on wood

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A 23546