News — 13 Jul 2022

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Buro Stedelijk: a new, experimental place for art from Amsterdam and the world

Vacancy for curator Buro Stedelijk opened

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Paulus Potter side
Photo LNDW Studio

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is initiating a new place for emerging artists and designers located in the building of the Stedelijk Museum itself. Buro Stedelijk will be headed by an independent curator, who will have the greatest possible autonomy, and for whom recruitment is underway. This initiative has been developed in close dialogue with the Rijksakademie and De Ateliers, representatives of which will serve on an independent advisory board, including the directors of both organizations, and members of their artistic communities. This will enable Buro Stedelijk to operate as autonomously as possible within the museum, while also utilizing the specific knowledge of the artistic field. Buro Stedelijk, supported by Ammodo and Fonds 21, wants to facilitate a missing link within the museum between the studio, the training programs, the galleries and the museum. Buro Stedelijk is conceived as a multidisciplinary space, with a focus on the production process. The program is initially fueled by the creative scene in Amsterdam but is not limited to that and will also have an international dimension. It will be a place where curators, artists and other makers have the freedom to create and present new work and which will give fresh impetus to contemporary cultural production in Amsterdam. A public program will be an integral part of the presentation roster. Buro Stedelijk will be housed on the first floor of the historic building and, during exclusive evening openings, will be accessible through the museum’s former entrance on the Paulus Potterstraat. As of today, recruitment is underway for the vacancy of curator of Buro Stedelijk. The aim is to announce the appointment in September. Buro Stedelijk is expected to start programming from the first months of 2023.

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is the largest museum for modern and contemporary art and design in the Netherlands. SMBA (Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam) situated on the Rozenstraat, operated as an independent, experimental project space from 1993 to summer 2016, and pursued an international policy in recent years. The Rijksakademie and De Ateliers are unique post-academic training institutions, attracting many young national and international artists. The Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, founded in 1870 by King Willem III, has been an international platform for emerging artists from around the world for over 150 years, with a two-year residency program for about 45 selected participants. Founded by artists in 1963, De Ateliers is the oldest artists’ workspace in the Netherlands. De Ateliers offers a two-year work period with an intensive coaching program for about twenty starting artists. In both institutions, participants are supervised by renowned artists.

Buro Stedelijk is supported by Ammodo and Fonds 21