Pablo Picasso spends the summer of 1911 in the southern French town of Céret. On 25 July 1911 he writes to his friend Georges Braque: ‘I am doing a still life with glass, lemon squeezer, half lemon, a little jug with spouts, and the light’. He was referring to this little watercolor ‘Glass with Straws’ from Picasso’s Cubist period. The objects that Picasso describes are not instantly recognizable because Cubists such as he and Braque flattened three-dimensional shapes, and painted them in mostly drab colors from different angles simultaneously. At the same time, this work demonstrates that Picasso painted objects from real life, rather than creating an abstraction of reality.
c/o Pictoright Amsterdam/Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


Translated title

Glass with Straws



Production date



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29 x 22.6cm.


pen and ink, water colour and gouache on paper

Object number

A 21239