This work by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy is a photograph of a photogram. A photogram is generated without the intervention of a camera, by placing objects on a sheet of photographic paper that is exposed to light. It can be described as an indexical image that captures the trace of light at a moment in time, and in that way, is similar to a photograph. Unlike the photograph, however, a photogram is a unique object. The subject of Moholy-Nagy’s photograms tends to be the visualization of time and space. He was often concerned with the graphic capabilities of photography and the potential of photographic processes. The photograms were executed with help from his wife, Lucia Moholy, an accomplished photographer herself. In 1929 Moholy-Nagy rephotographed the original photogram and published it in an edition of 20 in his ‘Giedion Mappe’, a portfolio of 10 images.This particular photograph was a gift from former museum director Willem Sandberg and it was the first object in the photography collection of the Stedelijk Museum.
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Translated title




Production date

ca. 1925 / 1928-1935


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38.7 x 30cm.


gelatin silver print mounted on aluminium

Object number

FA 516


Schenking Willem Sandberg, Amsterdam / Gift of Willem Sandberg, Amsterdam

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