This video recording of a performance puts to contrast the images of the woman as a strong Amazon and as the virginal Madonna. Ulrike Rosenbach filmed herself in her studio as an Amazon shooting arrows at the blessed Madonna. She made use of a camera to capture her actions, while a projector showed this live image, so that the arrows also appeared to hit the artist. A second camera registers the projection. This technique is named ‘closed circuit’. Rosenbach felt that women were not permitted to be multifaceted in this world, but are forced into a straitjacket by society. From this feminist point of view, neither the Amazon nor the Madonna are real representations of women, but clichés derived from a male-dominated world. By using her portrait in this video performance, Rosenbach reflects upon her own womanhood.


Translated title

Don’t Believe I Am an Amazon


Time-based media

Production date



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video, black and white, sound

Object number

CA 121_88


schenking kunstenaar / gift of the artist

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