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Robert Ryman experimented widely in materials and used an eclectic range of supports for his diverse works. This includes traditional linen canvas, cotton duck, as well as supports made of fibreglass, plastic, metal, and an assortment of paper and board. An example is Ryman's Oneida. Oneida is linen canvas coated in a rust preventative dark grey. It is finished with a thin white layer of paint which does not quite reach the work's edges. The Oneida is secured to the wall with visible metal fasteners and bolts, painted with the same dark grey. By using these particular means to connect the painting with the wall, Ryman draws attention to the act of hanging an artwork.
c/o Pictoright Amsterdam/Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam




Production date



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152.2 x 152.5 x 3.2cm.


oil on canvas with fasteners

Object number

A 37969