Although this vase resembles a classic amphora, another image can clearly be seen. The vase also represents an owl. The foot and belly of the vase correspond to the same parts of the bird’s body, while touches of red create the impression of feathers on the earthenware. The ears of the vase are not merely functional, but also represent the owl’s wings. A merging of forms occurs. In addition, a human face can be seen on the belly of the vase. Vases depicting animals are referred to as ‘zoomorphic’. Picasso made hundreds of such vases at a pottery in Vallauris, France, a town with a long tradition of making ceramics. ‘Owl vases’ were made in Picasso’s native country thousands of years ago. Picasso always showed a great deal of interest in his own Spanish culture.
c/o Pictoright Amsterdam/Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


Translated title

Large Bird, Black Face



Production date



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56 x 46 x 40cm.


white earthenware painted in red and black slip with scratched detail.

Object number

KNA 1586