A.M. Cassandre designed this three-part poster for the French aperitif Dubonnet in 1932. In three stages, we follow a figure presented in silhouette as he looks at his full glass, downs his drink, then fills his glass again. As he drinks, he and his surroundings are filled with colour. And not only that: the outlines of the word ‘Dubonnet’ written at the bottom of the posters also fill up. In this way, the three pictures drive the name of the drink into the memory of the viewer. Cassandre saw the design of posters as the perfect art form for modern public life, with the city serving as the artist’s canvas. With his ingenious and, above all, witty interplay of form, colour, words and picture, he was aiming to reach the hurried passer-by. The Dubonnet posters are one of his most famous and most popular designs.

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317.4 x 237cm.


poster, lithography

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