This poster, from the design collective Grapus, is an invitation to a party for Avant Garde, the French Communist youth movement’s monthly magazine. It features the slogan ‘ON Y VA’, printed prominently and symmetrically in large capital letters on a black background. The merging shades of blue, yellow, white and red create the impression of an illusory space within the letters. The letters have become windows offering a view of a different world. The poster includes further information: ‘Tous à Ivry. 4, 5 juin à la fête. Vers le changement!’ (Everyone to Ivry. To the party, 4, 5 June. Towards change!’) The letters of the main text are also incorporated into the words of this second message. Combining the two fonts results in a playful effect, further emphasised by the handwritten character of the second set of letters, which appear to be written in blackboard chalk. These humorous elements lend the poster a tone of optimism.
© Groupe Grapus, 2005




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118 x 78cm.


poster, offset

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