Characterized by an abundance of forms, the Amsterdam School (1910-1930) is an expressionist movement that was unique to the Netherlands. Although its architecture is famous the world over, this is the first overview to explore the furniture and interior design of the Amsterdam School.

Interior accessories such as furniture, lamps, and clocks typically feature sculptural shapes. Powerful color combinations figure in textiles and wallpapers. Objects are often produced from luxurious materials, using labor-intensive and traditional craft techniques. The influence of the Amsterdam School is also manifest in designs for posters, book covers, and theater programs.

This richly illustrated publication offers an analysis of the furniture design of the Amsterdam School, together with essays that chart the movement’s dissemination, commercial reception, international context, and abiding impact on contemporary design. Case studies on Michel de Klerk, companies that produced stained glass, and the restoration of interiors complete this fascinating survey.

The book includes the work of designers such as Tine Baanders, Louis and Willem Bogtman, Fré Cohen, Joseph Crouwel, De Nieuwe Honsel, Jaap Gidding, Dick Greiner, Michel de Klerk, Piet Kramer, Hildo Krop, Liem Bwan Tjie, Joan Melchior van der Mey, Gustaaf Adolf Roobol, and H.Th. Wijdeveld.

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Design by Kossmann.dejong, edited by Ingeborg de Roode en Marjan Groot, photography Erik & Petra Hesmerg, 304 pages, 23 x 28 cm, English (hardcover only) and Dutch, SOLD OUT, € 32,50 (hardcover) / € 24,95 (Dutch softcover), ISBN English edition 978 90 6868 699 9 (hardcover), ISBN Dutch edition 978 90 6868 709 5 (softcover), 978 90 6868 698 2 (hardcover)