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Amsterdam, the Magic Center Art and counterculture 1967-1970

7 Jul 2018 until 6 Jan 2019

Mini story — 14 Aug 2018

The Kontinue Tekening (“Continuous Drawing”) was a project by artist Tjebbe van Tijen who endeavored to make “inside and outside activities that are not theater, visual art, musical dance, or entertainment, but expressions that are beyond these frameworks, and are also not implied by the euphemism of ‘happening.’

Van Tijen has documented the execution of his Continuous Drawing between 1967-2018 thoroughly in an online ‘scroll’, in words and images.
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A full documentation of all parts of the visual narrative scroll can permanently be found at Het Archiefcomitee van de Toekomst.

Tjebbe van Tijen, 1966.
Tjebbe van Tijen, 1966.