From Kusama to Mondriaan, from Sottsass to Koons, and from Dumas to McQueen: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is the must-see museum for modern and contemporary art and design. Here you will find world-famous artworks, but you can also discover new favorites.

  • Two people take a selfie at the work 'Peinture à haute tension' by Martial Raysse
    Martial Raysse, 'Peinture à haute tension', 1965. Photo: Nina Schollaardt
  • Two women stand in front of 'Nama step,' artwork by Igshaan Adams
    Igshaan Adams, ‘Nama stap’, 2023. Photo: Gert-Jan van Rooij
  • Four people stand in front of the work 'Cathedra , a large blue canvas
    Barnett Newman, 'Cathedra', 1951. Photo: Nina Schollaardt
  • Boy takes picture of girl in front of a work by Mondrian. Girl imitates the shapes with her arms.
    Piet Mondriaan, 'Lozenge Composition with Two Lines', 1931. Photo: Nina Schollaardt

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The collection

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  • Woman in front of painting by Picasso
    Pablo Picasso, 'Femme nue devant le Jardin', 1956. Photo: Nina Schollaardt
  • Wall with big purple letters Girrrl Girrrl Girrrl Girrrl
    Martine Syms, 'GIRRRLGIRLLLGGGIRLGIIIRL,' 2017. Photo: Nina Schollaardt
  • person stands in doorway looking at work by Kusama, white boat with phallus shapes
    Yayoi Kusama, 'Aggregation: One Thousand Boats Show', 1963. Photo: Nina Schollaardt
  • Colorful poster wall
    Gallery view 'Everyday, Someday and Other Stories. Collection 1950 – 1980'. Photo: Peter Tijhuis
  • Artwork by Steve McQueen
    Steve McQueen, 'Broken Column', 2014. Photo: Gert-Jan van Rooij
  • Photo of woman in the space around the historical stairs of the Stedelijk
    Space around the historical stairs. Photo: Nina Schollaardt
  • Photograph of work by Jeff Koons, a piglet is pushed by 3 small figures, 2 people look at it
    Jeff Koons, 'Ushering in Banality', 2007. Photo: Nina Schollaardt

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