Performance — 2 Sep 2017

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is pleased to announce a newly commissioned performance by the Berlin-based, New Zealand-born artist Alicia Frankovich.

Museumcard € 3 / Students € 12 / Regular € 20.50
Teijin Auditorium
2 Sep 2017, 12 pm until 12.40 pm
Main language
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Frankovich’s Atlas of the Living World takes the genre of the nature documentary as its subject, highlighting it as a forum through which we project culturally determined ideologies onto the natural world. The artist queers the nature documentary by sublimating its conventions, creating a live performative exhibition environment created for the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam’s Teijin Auditorium. Engaging practices related to theater, performance and exhibition-making, Frankovich’s new work choreographs ten performers against a backdrop of an immersive video installation and exhibition props, taking place on three occasions over the course of two days.

Atlas of the Living World features a new two-channel synchronized video work displayed on a set of string projection screens. Highlighting notions of collectivity and contingency in identity formation, the video juxtaposes immersive documentary-style videography such as underwater footage and nature imagery with recent research undertaken by feminist theorist Karen Barad and bioethicist Vicki Kirby. Kirby’s research dives into queer lifeforms, such as amoebas, as well as indeterminate entities such as fish and plants. The performance’s musical score and choreography queers nature documentary conventions by using sound clips that play on traditional documentary narration, such as that of BBC narrator David Attenborough, as well as fragmented sound scores previously sourced by the artist within her own work. The artist’s choreography sources trained and untrained performers to highlight a range of abilities, personalities and ways of being.


Alicia Frankovich (New Zealand, 1980) lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Her practice comprises performances, exhibition experiences, photography, video and sculpture. Her choreography puts bodies into situations, contextualizing them in ways that illuminate social conventions and behaviors as well as framing their part of a larger cosmology. 


Concept: Alicia Frankovich / Choreography and video: Alicia Frankovich / Stage, scenic and light design: Alicia Frankovich / Music: Igor Kłaczyński / Cast: Nadia Bekkers, Angelo Custido, Astrit Ismaili, Bear Silver, Cailin Kuit, Joy Mariama Smith, Ksenia Perek, Mavi Veloso, Matthijs Walhout, Nelle Swan / Crew: Karen Archey, curator; Henri Sandront, producer; René Vos, technical producer; Max Litjens & Bente van der Burgh, assistant interns.