Performance — 9, 10, 11 Jul 2021

Stedelijk Museum and Julidans are proud to present Tremble, a dance performance choreographed by Andreas Hannes, on July 9, 10 and 11 in the museum’s Schiphol Entrance.

Julidans’ Tremble will still take place this weekend. It’s a seated event, at 1.5 meter.

€ 15 (regular) / € 10 (reduced)
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
9 Jul, 8 pm until 9.15 pm
10 Jul, 8 pm until 9.15 pm
11 Jul, 8 pm until 9.15 pm

Andreas Hannes and a group of dancers will take us into Tremble, a choreographic work that takes ‘the skip’ as its departure point. Over the course of 60 minutes, Tremble explores the rhythm, physicality, repetition, and individual variability of this elementary movement. The performers trace fleeting geometric shapes across the floor—by turns following predestined and self-carved paths, alternating between formations and free, intuitive flow.

This piece is a continuation of Hannes’s 2018 graduation work The City, in which two performers explore structures, geometric patterns, and pathways sketched out through the act of skipping. Whereas The City relies on fixed paths and structures, with the performers confined to a rigid choreography, Tremble is more fluid in its execution of commutative movements that approach infinite space.

  • Photo: Bart Grietens
    Photo: Bart Grietens
  • Photo: Bart Grietens
    Photo: Bart Grietens
  • Photo: Bart Grietens
    Photo: Bart Grietens
  • Photo: Paulina Prokop
    Photo: Paulina Prokop

For some, skipping holds nostalgic connotations of joyful childhood movement; in Tremble it is transformed into an exercise whose collective and rhythmic qualities are emphasized by the accompanying electronic soundtrack by composer Rival Consoles. The performers fall in and out of sync with one another, the distance between their bodies increasing and decreasing ad libitum. Yet in their collective movements they become part of a larger network. 

Distance is an important component for Hannes in demonstrating the togetherness of multiple singular bodies, and revealing the systems that bind us: 

To me the very definition of dance in theater is coming together. We don’t hold each other by the hands in this piece, or look at each other the entire time, but we are continuously working on the idea of what it means to be together. Even though there is distance between us, each of us is connected to one another.”  

The physicality of the work resides in the endurance of the performers. Their repetitions of the movement are moderated by variables such as speed, direction, and textural qualities that ultimately shift between joy and monotony, between tension and exertion. Hannes uses the metaphor of the road trip to encapsulate the concept underlying Tremble: the piece inhabits a variety of states, shifting consciousness from the vehicle to the passenger to the landscape. These changes in constant transit create a space for reflection for performer and viewer alike.


Andreas Hannes (Thessaloniki, 1987) has lived and worked in Amsterdam since 2010. Initially working as a freelance director and producer of short films, he co-founded Small House Productions, an international platform for interdisciplinary projects that combines his love for the performing arts and film. Hannes graduated in Choreography from the School for New Dance Development at Amsterdam University of the Arts in 2018. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Science and Arts from the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki.

Hannes received the BNG Dance prize for his graduation piece The City, and subsequently received support from Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK), Dansgroep Amsterdam, and Young Art Amsterdam for the development of Tremble.


Co-produced by Julidans and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. With thanks to Dansmakers Amsterdam and ICK Dans Amsterdam, who facilitated the making of Tremble.

Concept & Choreography Andreas Hannes in collaboration with performers
Performers: Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Antonia Steffens, Charlie Laban Trier, Andreas Hannes
Light Design: Paulina Prokop
Music & Mix: Rival COnsoles Costume Design: Aziz Bekkaoui
Poster: Luis Xertu
Productie: Dansmakers Amsterdam/ ICK Amsterdam
Dramaturgie: Renée Copraij, Bruno Listopad
Artistic Advice: Suzay Blok, Kristin de Groot, Heleen Volman

In collaboration with Danslateliers, Dansbrabant and the moving forward trajectory partners

With the support of Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Dansgroep Amsterdam, Young Artsupport Amsterdam

This presentation of Tremble is part of an ongoing collaboration between Julidans and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. The two organizations have previously collaborated on performances of Us Swerve by Alex Baczynski-Jenkins in 2019 and minor matter by Ligia Lewis in 2017.

Please note that by attending the program you could potentially be filmed and photographed for archival, commercial and/or journalistic purposes. If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed, please contact our staff prior to the program. If you would like us to delete your images, please send an e-mail to