Guided tours — 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 Feb 2020

During the Dutch Spring break you are welcome to join this tour free of charge.

This tour is free of charge with a valid museum ticket. Reservation is required and can be made via the ticket button below. 
Meeting point at the information desk
15 Feb, 3.45 pm until 4.45 pm
16 Feb, 3.45 pm until 4.45 pm
17 Feb, 3.45 pm until 4.45 pm
18 Feb, 3.45 pm until 4.45 pm
19 Feb, 3.45 pm until 4.45 pm
20 Feb, 3.45 pm until 4.45 pm
21 Feb, 3.45 pm until 4.45 pm
22 Feb, 3.45 pm until 4.45 pm
23 Feb, 3.45 pm until 4.45 pm
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Carlos Amorales – The Factory is the first ever retrospective exhibition in Europe of the work of Carlos Amorales. The exhibition showcases the work of one of Mexico’s most important contemporary artists from the 1990s to the present day – the most recent piece was made especially for the exhibition. Spanning 14 rooms of the museum, the exhibition includes spatial works, installations, paintings, drawings, videos, prints, textiles, animations, and sound works, which Amorales incorporates in his open, non-chronological, large-scale spatial installations.

Amorales’ practice is multifaceted, in both form and subject: such as the roles artists can adopt within and outside the art world, the experience of being an outsider in an unknown culture, the infinite malleability of language, and the almost absurd torrent of images flooding the Internet.

Visit the exhibition with a tour guide and explore Amorales’s world of fantastical images and stories that explore the field of tension between the individual and society.