Events — 8 Nov 2015

On the final day of the exhibition ZERO: Let Us Explore the Stars, the National Opera and artist duo Children of the Light will demonstrate their interpretation of ZERO to museum visitors by way of a performance-opera and light installation.

Lower Level Galleries (-1) | Teijin Auditorium
8 Nov, 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM
Not necessary.


The National Opera presents: Homo Ludens

Location: In front of the ZERO exhibition entrance

Time: 1:00 pm

The ZERO movement and exhibition was the inspiration for the performance, and is embodied by song and the perforation of canvasses.. With three young singers and a musician who studied classical violin but mastered jazz improvisations as a guitarist, director Marcel Sijm developed a performance with music by Richard Strauss, Francis Poulenc, John Adams, and Henry Purcell.

Director Marcel Sijm says, “I was in the ZERO exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum when they asked me to work on the Brainwash presentation, and the video of Fontana perforating Jeff Verheyens work was so playful, fun, and smart that I couldn’t resist myself. I combined R. Strauss, Poulenc, Adams, Purcell, and improvisational music with three great young singers into a 30-minute performance and I hooked them up with a guy who studied classical violin/viola and jazz-guitar. A great combination.”

Singing: Hrafnhildur Arnadottir, Zinzi Frohwein, and Drew Santini|Director: Marcel Sijm| Creative director: George Dumitriu| Design: Calle de Hoog


Location: Teijin Auditorium
Time: 10 am - 5 pm (Installation is also on view during MuseumN8 7 pm - 2 am) 
Special introduction from professor Patrick Healy at 3 pm
Ambient set by Patrice Baumel, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm  


Children of the Light

The ZERO exhibition will come to a fitting end thanks to the interactive light installation by international artist duo Children of the Light. They describe their work as live scenography in which light functions as the instrument. The installation ZEROTIME was previously shown at TrouwAmsterdam. Professor Patrick Healy will introduce ZEROTIME at 15:00 hrs.

“We have created an installation that erases the presence of time and space, by very minimal use of material and technology,” says Children of the Light. “While creating this piece, we found inspiration in the motives of the ZERO MOVEMENT, who operated from a clearly idealistic motivation in a time of crisis. In response to this movement, we create as much depth as we can in plain surfaces, and sensitize a location in transit.” - Children of the Light

Sound: Job van Nuenen, Sophie Jurrjens & Patrice Baumel
Interactive framework: Job van Nuenen
Special thanks to Patrick Healy, Lotte van Gelder and Patrick Roegiers

ZEROTIME BY CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT from Children of the Light on Vimeo.