14 Aug 2022

On Sunday 14th at 11 am with Sophie Douala and Setareh Noorani, will channel into this aspect of her life and her oeuvre through the medium of a live radiophonic drawing session. Find us in the contextualisation room, inside the exhibition space from 11.00am on the 14th of August or tune in online.

Valid museum ticket, or online here
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
14 Aug, 11 am until 1 pm
Main language

Three manifestations, three geographies, three practices that complex and stretch our understanding of what modernism can be (other)wise. Here elaborated through a singular use of the notions of space, design, colour, abstraction, minimalism and the sonic, Abstracting Parables is not just an exhibition of works but it is also a spacial and cosmos experience, it is an exercise of listening with not only our ears but also our eyes. This experience has been made possible by  architect, researcher and zinester Setareh Noorani, and  artist and creative director Sophie Douala who were both invited to contribute to the making of this exhibition and translate the curatorial concept behind the project. 

For this radio broadcast, we invited Setareh Noorani, and designed the whole exhibition, as well as Sophie Douala who designed the readers and also intervened in the contextualisation room, the very space where we host parasite radio.

We aim to touch upon the questions of how the oeuvre of the Sedje Hemon, Abdias Nasciemento and Imran Mir influenced and nourished their creative process. How have they been in conversation with those works and practices? Did it make them rethink the notions of abstraction, space, sonicity and design? And what does it mean to (create space) for such practices in institutions like Stedelijk Museum?


Parasite Radio activates the (digital) ether as a possible exhibition space, as well as a hang-out, situating sound and oral cultures across histories, languages, and geographies. sonsbeek20→24 presents radio as a methodology that searches, listens, travels, hosts, and guests from different sites, both online, offline, and hybridly, from Arnhem, elsewhere in Europe, and the world. Connected to sonsbeek20→24’s main topic of concern, Parasite Radio looks into labor and the sonic, documenting and narrating the different layers and entangled relations between them, and their manifestations in the past, present, and future. Parasite Radio attempts to open-up the sometimes classed and limiting boundaries around intergenerational, accessibility-driven dialogic and communal practices by bringing together exhibition visitors and other audiences, spanning all ages, from migrants, undocumented or otherwise, to the sedentary, both non-workers and workers of all métiers alike. Echoing scholar Robin D.G. Kelley, Parasite Radio aims to “step into the complicated maze of experience that renders ‘ordinary’ folks so extraordinarily multifaceted, diverse, and complicated”. Join us for live, on-site programming every other Sunday for the duration of the exhibition.

Red curtains room table
Contextualisation room in Sedje Hémon. Imran Mir. Abdias Nascimento - Abstracting Parables, exhibition of Sonsbeek 20→24 in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 2022. Image: Peter Tijhuis


Setareh Noorani is an architect, researcher, zinester and is part of various experimental collectives. She uses various media in her projects and artistic contributions to explore ways of publicizing and embodying, questioning processes of trauma and time; always moving in the grey space between academic research and art. This is expressed in the researching, disrupting and exposing of archives through spatial research and (self-)publishing, for example in her residencies at the Biënnale Gelderland (2022-), DSGN-IN at The Black Archives (2021-2022), SHELTER IN PLACE/SHELTER IN SOLIDARITY (2021) at Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn (together with graphic designer Matt Plezier, as SMET), and spatial and architectural designs, for Metro54, Amsterdam Museum, and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam among others. This work has been supported by the Creative Industries Fund Netherlands (2021).

Her current research at Het Nieuwe Instituut (Rotterdam, NL) focuses on the qualitative, paradigm-shifting notions of decoloniality, feminisms, queer ecologies, non-institutional representations, and the implications of the collective, more-than-human body in architecture, its heritage and ambiguous future scenarios – all part of the projects Collecting Otherwise, Appropriation as Collective Resistance, Feminist Design Strategies, and the cross-institutional The Critical Visitor.  Setareh Noorani received for this work the Museum Talent Prize 2021, awarded by the Dutch Ministry of Culture and Science and the Mondriaan Fund. She currently is in the curatorial team of the London Design Biënnale 2023, and involved in the selection committees of the yearly Het Nieuwe Instituut Call for Fellows and Tilting Axis Fellowship. Setareh holds a master’s degree (MSc) in Architecture (TU Delft, cum laude).


Sophie Douala (she/they) is a Berlin based, France raised, Cameroon born artist and creative director specialised in story telling and creative campaigns. In her practice and life, she seeks to explore the interplay between a formal visual language and its cognitive and emotional affect.