Events — Mar 24, 2017

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam presents, in collaboration with the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Stedelijk Stage-it | Rietveld Uncut: What Is Happening To Our Brain?. This Friday night program is a large-scale event with dynamic performances and interdisciplinary interventions throughout the museum building.

Museumcard free / students 7,50 E / regular 15 E
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, various locations throughout the building
Mar 24, 2017, 6 pm until 9 pm
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Rietveld Uncut is an annual joint presentation by the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Within the Rietveld the process of making, from concept to work, is an important element throughout the whole study. This process often stays invisible to the outside world; Rietveld Uncut aims to shed a light on this unique, dynamic and experimental part of the academy and reveals this process to the public. During this Friday evening, a total of 37 projects that are dealing with the theme What Is Happening To Our Brain? are on display throughout the museum building. 24 individual projects were selected and 13 departments will present a project. This eighth edition of Rietveld Uncut, taking place for the first time at the Stedelijk Museum, shows the ambition of the art academy and the museum to collaborate more closely when it concerns experimentation and young talent.

In conjunction with a theoretical program, the three-day conference Studium Generale: Wat Is Happening To Our Brain? (Mar 22-24 2017, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam), Rietveld Uncut dives into current concepts and fantasies of and about the brain. The brain is not ahistorical, fixed, or atemporal. (…) the brain is always situated in a body and self, and thus in social relations, in family, community, in culture and the economy, in the local and the global, in history (Victoria Pitts-Taylor’s NeuroCultures Manifesto, 2012). Culture and brain form complex systems of influence, control and resistance. The contemporary brain seems to have been invaded by technology: machines increasingly perform the previously human tasks of language, memory, and imagination, with our learning processes taken up by automated and algorithmic procedures. What are the philosophical, social and political implications of this cognitive automation for our brains and bodies? What is happening to our subjectivity, identity and free will? And what about the artist’s brain?

During the Studium Generale, a small selection of works that strengthen the relationship between theory and practice, are installed as a prelude to the Friday night program.

Stedelijk Stage-it is a new category within our program with performances and interventions in the field of music, performance, dance, theater, film and opera. This evening offers opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations in the field of performing arts, festivals and art education. 

This evening is curated by Tarja Szaraniec and Tomas Adolfs (Gerrit Rietveld Academie). Thanks to all the participating artists and departments and guest teachers Juha van ' t Zelfde, Janneke van Leeuwen and Dan Walwin. More information about the artists and departments can be found here