Events — 1 Feb 2019

This edition of Stedelijk Statements entails the launch of QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO, a project by Aynouk Tan and Carly Rose Bedford. QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO is a podium on which many interpretations of the notion queer are proudly presented.
Museumticket + €3. 
A radical access plan will be implemented as part of this event: people that identify as a refugee, person of color, sex worker or those who identify as trans don’t pay admission. To facilitate this we will be using a guest list, please register via
Teijin Auditorium
1 Feb, 6.30 pm until 9.30 pm
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QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO is the sixth edition of Stedelijk Statements, a program series in which a scholar, artist, critic, or cultural entrepreneur composes an evening at the museum. The organizer of the program takes the floor to share their views on visual art and design. New research and projects, both artistic and academic, will be presented during an evening program that can consist of lectures, debates, performances and film screenings.

QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO is a website and a series of live events in which queer artists, queer scholars, queer activists and a multitude of other queer voices present what queer means to them. By creating such a platform QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO wants to not only problematize prevailing and reductive ways of describing a body (male, female, gay, straight etc.), but mostly invent new, more nuanced and inclusive ways of being and becoming.

Queer is not a Manifesto, since queer is something that fundamentally defies the principle of categorization and classification. It proposes that singular definitions – for bodies and in general – are restrictive and often violent. Therefore the main question of this project reads as follows:

If queer is not a manifesto, then what could it be or become?

The aim is specifically to not answer this question, but to instead embrace the diversity of all outcomes. QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO aims to create a space of radical imagination where a multitude of undefined positions can exist alongside one another.

QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO is first and foremost a digital podium. Anyone can contribute their interpretation of queer on In the long run, the website functions as a living/ever-growing document that keeps a real-time account of what queer is or could become.

For the Stedelijk Statements launch of QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO the first 10-15 contributions will be presented live, running back to back to create a living collage of queer propositions. These propositions will take the form of lectures, performances, videos, fits of rage, sound pieces or any format that the presenter best feels supports their interpretation of queer. Contributors will include a mix of activists, artists and scholars that not only aim to disturb dominant notions of gender and sexuality, but also to strive for the disruption of prevalent colonial, patriarchal and neoliberal narratives. QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO abides to an intersectional vision. Any voice can feel unheard when speaking alone for their singular cause. QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO aims to interweave a multitude of voices and create a cross-dialogue that, when unified, strengthens the building of a movement.