Events — 1 Sep 2019

Studio Saucy is making a podcast, and the first recordings are happening at the Stedelijk!

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1 Sep 2019, 3 pm until 4.30 pm
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Studio Saucy is an international, multidisciplinary platform for music and art that transcends frameworks and boundaries. Saucy connects young creatives and brings them to new stages and audiences—and vice versa. By offering a platform and organizing “come as you are” events, they create a safe space for everyone.

In the podcast that will be recorded at the Stedelijk Museum, hosts Fatima and Amaal discuss pressing matters in music and the arts, and how both disciplines touch on politics and activism. Studio Saucy examines relatable issues, brings up amusing anecdotes, and asks the questions you always wanted answered.

This first episode is dedicated to female creatives. The work of Maria Lassnig (1919–2014), which is on display at the museum until 11 August, was the source for its inspiration. As an artist, she was particularly critical of the male-dominated art world; an attitude that still remains quite relevant. As a filmmaker and painter, she sparked a dialogue that we carry on today.

For the Stedelijk Museum, the display and acquisition of works by female and non-binary artists is a major priority. Remedying this balance is necessary: of the more than 100,000 artworks in the collection, currently only 4% are by a woman artist or designer. In STEDELIJK BASE, the museum’s collection presentation, this number is 13%, a small improvement.

With this in mind, the Studio Saucy podcast hosts will talk about what it means to take responsibility for your own success in the creative sector in 2019. Other topics that will be addressed are the position of women within creative organizations and the meaning and value of external support.

Just because you don’t have a million followers doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a platform.


3.45 pm
Doors open
3 pm
Welcome – Stedelijk Museum
3.05 pm
Introduction followed by Podcast – Studio Saucy including a music performance by Cero Ismael 
4:30 pm
Program ends
6 pm
Museum closes


Studio Saucy helps creatives in the arts and music flourish, and we dare to celebrate creativity without thinking about what will be the next hit. In this day and age, there is a lot of space for creatives to make their own genres, rules, and frameworks, and still be successful. By giving and guiding these artists through a creative scene that no longer requires big labels or management, we are building the new future of art. Saucy is giving a new meaning to the words artist liaison. It’s about development, facilitating creation, and connecting creators with new places and unusual combinations. That’s what defines Saucy. Saucy is the plug for creatives who don’t know where to begin.

Please note that by attending the program you could potentially be filmed and photographed for archival, commercial and/or journalistic purposes. If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed, please contact our staff prior to the program. If you would like us to delete your images, please send an e-mail to