Exhibition — 10 Jul until 28 Aug 2004

Small presentation of Artifort furniture donation to the museum.

In connection with the Amsterdam Artifort-City event, this Dutch firm has presented various pieces of furniture to the Museum. We are showing this gift together with other Artifort furniture which was already in the Museum's collection.

Furniture has been produced under the Artifort name since the late 1920s. The trade name - a contraction of the Latin ars (art, or good design) and fortis(strong, or durable) - received a powerful stimulus in 1958 when the interior architect Kho Liang Ie became its aesthetic advisor.

He laid out a policy that focused on cooperation with international designers and orientation to the top segment of the international market. That has proved successful. Some models from the 1960s are still in production (or have returned to production), and new designs by renowned designers are regularly added to their selection.

On view in the lobby of the second floor of Stedelijk Museum CS.