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Exhibition — Nov 8, 2013 until Mar 1, 2014

This exhibition is inspired by the publication of the doctoral thesis by Frederike Huygen on the graphic designer, photo-book pioneer, art director, teacher, arts administrator, and environmental artist Jurriaan Schrofer. 

The Stedelijk Museum invited LUST, a multidisciplinary graphic design practice based in The Hague, to take part in the exhibition because of their expertise in presenting graphic design presentations with nontraditional media. LUST was asked to use cutting-edge media to create an installation that plays off, reacts to, and dialogues with Schrofer’s work. The visual dynamic of Schrofer’s typographic art suggests that his designs were created on the computer but they predate the digital era: Schrofer designed everything by hand. For LUST, though, the computer is an indispensable tool; they derive inspiration from exploring the possibilities of design for new media and technologies.

Gallery 0.29 contains a presentation of the work of Jurriaan Schrofer. The LUST installation is on view in Gallery 0.28.

This exhibition is supported by Fonds Creatieve Industrie and Microsoft