News — Apr 19, 2024

This week, at Milan Design Week, the 'Stedelijk Chair' by Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis is presented for the first time by furniture design company BD Barcelona.

The Stedelijk Chair (2024) is the first chair by Marcelis. The Stedelijk commissioned this chair for the renewed entrance area of the museum, to be opened upcoming Fall.

The Stedelijk Chair has a strong character that exemplifies Sabine Marcelis’ design style. Handmade and brimming with visual appetite, aluminum flows from legs to backrest with a smooth cohesion that accentuates its materiality. Its flowing silhouette compliments the smooth white form of the Stedelijk Museum's exterior. Sabine Marcelis merges timeless design and sculpture in a chair that is stackable, lightweight and made of a 100% aluminum body. We look forward to welcoming this new work by Sabine Marcelis to the Stedelijk!

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photo of Stedelijk Chair
Photo: Nacho Alegre, BD Barcelona