Exhibitions always seem like polished affairs: artworks are beautifully lit, museum labels and gallery texts are perfectly aligned, and floors gleam like mirrors. But what happens beforehand? In A Closer Look With, Emma Harjadi Herman, Manager of Education and Inclusion, takes you behind the scenes to find out. 

In each episode, she interviews an artist whose work is on display at the Stedelijk. How did they come up with this idea? How do they feel about the way their work is presented? And what do they hope visitors will get from their visit? Find out on A Closer Look With.



Artists are often a little nervous in the run-up to a new show. But not Wilhelm Sasnal, who seems totally relaxed. What was the impulse for this show, has he ever regretted selling a painting, and what sort of music does he listen to while taking in an exhibition? Find out in A Closer Look With.

Wilhelm Sasnal is one of the key figures in Polish contemporary art. The Stedelijk Museum currently shows his exhibition, Painting as Prop. You can visit the exhibition until September 1, 2024.

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Portrait of Wilhelm Sasnal. Photo: Marek Gardulski


In the first episode, we're taking a closer look at the work of Marina Abramović. What does she think of Amsterdam, what is it like for her to see other people perform her work, and does she believe in the afterlife? You'll hear it in A Closer Look With.

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portrait of Marina Abramović
Portrait of Marina Abramović. Photo: Marco Anelli © 2022