Kids, teens and parents can boost their creativity at home with these online workshops and get tips from famous artists while doing it!

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Looking for a way to boost your creativity while hanging out at home? Create with artists, is the art activity book for the entire family. Do you want to draw into the wind? Turn a garbage bag into a tailor-made suit? Go guerrilla gardening? With these personal tips from artists and designers such as Viktor&Rolf, Marlene Dumas, Joep van Lieshout, and Rineke Dijkstra you can be sure to create something great.

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A selection of 7 workshops by Viktor&Rolf, Rineke Dijkstra, Mick la Rock and other artists is available online for free!


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Join 23 famous artists and dive into their exciting workshops! Create with artists, is the art activity book for the entire family.
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The Brothers Batman Create with artists

Watch how the brothers Batman create their own name tag and shoot each other's portrait in their Create with Artist vlogs!
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In this episode of Create with Artists the two brothers Ahmed and Yusuf design their very own Name Tag with a little help by graffiti artist Mick la Rock. 

Feel like creating your own art with tips and tricks by artists like Viktor&Rolf, Rineke Dijkstra, Rop van Mierlo, Maria Barnas and many more? Download our selection of free workshops or order the book Create with Artists - An Art Activity Book For Everyone through the link at the end of the video. It's available in Dutch and English.